TV and Profanity

badlanguageWatching a movie with a modest amount of profanity on basic cable TV is kind of funny when they edit the profanity out. Yeah I am still a fan of regular cable TV and have not cut the cord yet primarily because of over the air signals are hard to get where I live. So when you watch a movie that has curse words and even tasteful nudity edited out it is almost comical. I guess it’s what you have to do to show some movies to a wider audience. I have thought about swearing and think it’s OK if you are showing extreme emotion but if it’s used in a way that it becomes just something to say because the writer couldn’t figure out something else to say then it loses it’s intended effect. It’s really surprising what doesn’t surprises us these days. Cussing on TV is one of those things that has made us a little desensitized to the whole world of profanity.

Dammit, I forgot to use an actual curse word in this whole post on profanity! How dare me.

6 thoughts on “TV and Profanity”

  1. Have you noticed that British TV does not edit out the nudity? No idea why they just don’t. Netflix series have lots of profanity in certain series but the ones I have watched it is all with characters speaking as they would in life. But you are right we are desensitized now.

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