Support For Journalists, Writers and Fellow #Bloggers #journalists

journalist-ashx_I am not a journalist but I am a blogger and therefore share a brother and sisterhood of those who are keeping us all informed about the world around us. When you attack a journalist who is an essential part of our democracy then you undermine society. Bloggers, journalists, writers, reporters are all a part of keeping the shadows of the world illuminated so that no one can do nefarious things that can harm people.

The notion of fake news is a subjective one but there are a lot of news outlets who are doing the hard work of reporting the facts. Sure journalists are human and they don’t always get things right but more times than not they are accurate and factual. Without them we don’t know whats going on out there. So to those who are on the front lines in the news gathering business you have my support.

One thought on “Support For Journalists, Writers and Fellow #Bloggers #journalists”

  1. ✊❤. Attacking journalists is simply off putting, but America is about to realize exactly how wrong they were. They cut off their nose to save their face and it’s about to bite them in the ass.


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