Something About My Blogs New Tagline

keep-calm-and-read-my-blog-39Most sites and brands have some sort of tagline to let you know what they are about. I needed a new one and struggled for a bit on what sort of tagline my blog would have. Well today I came up with one that kind of suits my home on the Web.

Introducing: The Tony Burgess Blog: The Digital Home Of T-Bird, Among Other Things

It implies geekiness and my own personality. In the world we live and navigate many things are digital. Blogging is a very digital thing considering what content we post from video, audio, podcasts and pictures are all digital things. It speaks to where we are in technology and how we communicate and interact with the world.

T-Bird is my nickname and when you combine this idea of digital expression and my personal brand this is where this site fits into the blogosphere. My blog is a place and space where I chronicle and curate the things in my life that make me, me.

So, in what I think is a sharp-looking, easy to read place on the web I have a greater sense of identity and place and personal branding. I hope you like it. Feedback welcome as always.

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