A Note About My Political Posts

It’s no secret I lean left/liberal and I make no apologies for that. One week from today we in the United States will have a new president and that scares the hell out of me. Sometimes you have to speak out about things that deeply concerns you and this is one of those times. You can’t be silent when you see something wrong or threatening. I have too many friends who are scared out of their minds because they are looking at their lives being severely impacted by the desire by some to discriminate and turn back the clock when things were good for them. People on the fringes are in peril. Something has to be done before it’s too late.

If you wish to stop following me I understand. What is happening is too important not to say something to defend the rights of 100% of our population. Too much is at stake. Now is the time to act.

Thank you for your care and the space to express myself. Even when we disagree we can be civil, courteousness.

7 thoughts on “A Note About My Political Posts”

  1. The thing is we are all so different and clearly people who lean left and those who lean right see the world two different ways. I know many people who are struggling right now. They work so hard and the system is failing them. The cost of healthcare is crippling both my brothers. One drives an hour and a half to see his family doctor because of his healthcare plan. The other has a small business and is struggling to make ends meet. I believe we all want to reach out to others. Who wouldn’t want to give to others and extend help but when you are barely making ends meet yourself, there is not much left to pass around. We have to stop seeing the other side as villains and understand each person has very valid reasons for either wanting change or for things to say the same. It is that bridge in between one group and another that seems to have been burned down by assumptions when really we aren’t really open to hearing each other’s truth because it’s different than our own. I lean right and I support Trump and I would take the shirt off my back to give it to a person in need. We have to stop judging and come together but I don’t know if it’s possible because people are just too stubborn. We all think we know everything. We know best. It’s just not true because we all live very different lives. It doesn’t make one smarter or better than another yet the way of the world has us thinking we are. I don’t have any answers but I also refuse to be a roadblock. No one knows what lies ahead but people standing divided and constantly arguing and complaining will get us nowhere. I try and be the. Eat person i can be and treat everyone I know with dignity and respect. I will do my part and I will not look down on anyone who sees the world different than I do. I don’t sit high enough to judge. I hope we find some peace soon.

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      1. I absolutely agree but if I’m being honest, he doesn’t act much different from many people I see. Unfortunately, good role models are few and far between today but at the same time many people do have qualities I admire including him. I try and look for the good in people but it isn’t always easy. We are all in this together. I can only hope we will have each other’s backs instead of stabbing each other every chance we get. Yes God Bless everyone and our country.


  2. I agree with you. We all need to respect each other even if we have different opinions. It’s politics. We all have the right to our opinions without being judged. It’s unfortunate though that we don’t get much of that nowadays.


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