Coronavirus On The Rise Again

It looks like the Coronavirus is having a resurgence. My friends the basics still apply, masks and personal care can help keep the virus under control until a vaccine can be found, produced, and distributed. I care about you all and try to take care of you and yours. Stay well and be safe good people.

Fear The Virus, It Can Save Your Life

My faith says “fear not” but when it comes to things that can harm you or threaten you then you must be smart, vigilant, and careful. Fear is healthy and can protect you from harm. Fear of the Coronavirus makes sense and can save your life. Fear the virus because there is not a cure or vaccine for it yet. Take care of yourself.

October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month #breastcancer

The Breast Cancer Awareness Month, marked in countries across the world every October, helps to increase attention and support for the awareness, early detection, and treatment as well as palliative care of this disease.

Both women and men can have breast cancer. Early detection is key in beating it. Take care of yourself good people and encourage those in your life to seek treatment if they feel like they might have this dreaded disease.

Masks On Good People For The Health Of Us All #Coronaviris

I’m doing my part to save lives and to help my family. Masks are important in the times we live in. Of course staying home is important. Be safe and well everyone.

Coronavirus – COVID-19 Now A Pandemic From World Health Organization #COVID19

To my friends around the world be safe, take care and treat this with care and caution. Now is the time to take Coronavirus seriously but with logic and scientific guidance. COVID-19 is a reality but using common sense it’s preventable for the most part. Take care of yourself and others.

Go Red For Women Day #gored

Go Red For Women encourages awareness of the issue of women and heart disease, and also action to save more lives. The goal is to wipe out heart disease. For all the women in our lives this is worth some time and attention so they will be well.