Not Here To Argue, Here For The Blogging

It’s OK if you disagree with me, not everything I write is meant to be agreeable with everyone. It’s OK to leave comments on my posts with an opposing view. Just know I won’t get into an argument or lengthy debate. It’s not what my blog is for. Respectful dialogue is encouraged but you know there’s too much arguing going on these days. I am going to try to see things from others point of view while holding on to mine. Of course growth comes from knowledge gained. I come in peace and to advance the cause of people on the fringes and to show some grace, peace and most importantly love.

Also know new followers I am a left-leaning believer in God who will stick up for human and civil rights as well as all those who want to have equality and full access to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

2 thoughts on “Not Here To Argue, Here For The Blogging”

  1. Most of WordPress is supportive and encouraging but I along with several other women have experienced their share of online bullies. Some women have even receive death threats.

    The trolls and flammers seem to be emboldened and not afraid to rant and rave on a blog that is not theirs. The is nothing wrong with healthy disagreements. But out and out insults and disrespect is out of line and uncalled for. Actually if you don’t like what a certain Blogger posts there is always that Unsubscribe option. It’s like scrolling through TV shows. If you don’t like what you’re watching you change the channel not start an ongoing war with your TV set! Go figure!


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