Daily Prompt: Seriousness

Situations around us require a seriousness to deal with. Sure joking around can help you deal with stuff going on in life but you have to approach some things with sobriety and full attention. You might get lost in a situation that without having some serious attention could mean not so good consequences. When life or work demand your complete focus you have to treat that with the respect it deserves. There comes a time when seriousness is the only thing you can have to deal or cope in life.

via Daily Prompt: Seriousness

One thought on “Daily Prompt: Seriousness”

  1. Tony. I could not agree more. When I moved to America I soon found out that most men do not like a woman who is serious. They want girls who giggle and laugh a lot. I therefore felt that I was in the wrong for being quite a serious person. I do think there is nothing wrong with being serious and I’m glad that some other people agree with this 🙂


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