Daily Prompt: Seriousness

Situations around us require a seriousness to deal with. Sure joking around can help you deal with stuff going on in life but you have to approach some things with sobriety and full attention. You might get lost in a situation that without having some serious attention could mean not so good consequences. When life or work demand your complete focus you have to treat that with the respect it deserves. There comes a time when seriousness is the only thing you can have to deal or cope in life.

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The World Has Been Serious Today

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The world from my perspective has been serious today. With the tragedy in Nice, France to a national blood supply shortage to all the political games going on we are in a serious place globally and locally. This weekend is the one year anniversary of five servicemen dying here in Chattanooga by a local young man who became a terrorist (that is a word I am not fond of using but sometimes you have to).

I am a guy with a wacky sense of humor. My blog reflects that but sometimes you have to be serious. We have to focus on current events that are impacting our lives and sometimes that requires us being somber and sober about how we relate to the world.

As Jon Bon Jovi once sang we got to hold on to what we got and that is our loved ones and our friends. We have to come together to do great things that will make the bad stuff less loud. You do this by being creative, loving one another and sharing the light of your higher power. Be alive and laugh at the people who are making the world hard for us all. I am kind of tired of all the stuff going on. We need a break from it all. Hang in there good people. Stick together. We got this.

Remember To Be Less Serious, Be Happy!

forget-your-troubles-come-on-get-happy-2We as a society and community can get so mired down in the serious things of our lives we forget to enjoy the fun stuff. There is nothing wrong with listening to a pop song, enjoying a guilty pleasure or eating something you really shouldn’t. Right now we live in a world that is full of sadness and hate that we need those moments of silliness, levity, grace to remind us of our humanity. I read a lot of posts and some of those I have written about the world being a dark place to be but we need to remember how to bring some light into the darkness.

Perhaps we should not try to grow up so fast that we forget the fun that can be had today and every day. My friends the world isn’t entirely bad, people aren’t always out to get you and perhaps pursue excellence in being a living person who smiles and laughs in equal measure to crying and frowning. Enjoy the fun of being imperfect, broken, human. Be alive today, you only get one shot at this life.