Today Is Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Day!


Shrove Tuesday (also known in Commonwealth countries as Pancake Tuesday or Pancake day) is the day in February or March immediately preceding Ash Wednesday (the first day of Lent), which is celebrated in some countries by consuming pancakes. In others, especially those where it is called Mardi Gras or some translation thereof, this is a carnival day, and also the last day of “fat eating” or “gorging” before the fasting period of Lent. Source: Shrove Tuesday – Wikipedia

This evening at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church we will gather together to feast on pancakes and to enjoy each others company. Any excuse for eating pancakes any time of day is good with me. Tomorrow will begin the season of Lent which encourages introspection, meditation and fasting leading up to Easter.

21 thoughts on “Today Is Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Day!”

  1. You’re fasting?

    In the Netherlands (well, the catholic parts) they celebrate Carnaval before fasting. It’s just… a lot of people join in on the carnaval festivities (which basically are: dress up and get drunk while hopping around on terrible music) and nobody fasts.


      1. Yes, unfortunately I am not into carnaval, hahaha. Then again, it’s the last day today.

        (Although I’d still much rather be eating pancakes).


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