Something About Connecting

It’s amazing that if you have a great many followers that you only seem to get a fraction of them interacting. Sometimes having more following means less connecting. Quality seems to be the ideal whereas quantity is not all it’s cracked up to be. So the more the merrier might not apply in every situation. 

For a personal blogger the rules are different than that of a business or commercial blogger. Making friends is something they both want to do but for different reasons. I have a lot of followers but seem to connect with just a small portion of those who are following. It’s funny how that works.

8 thoughts on “Something About Connecting”

  1. I’m at 1000 wordpress followers, and on average about 25-30 likes per post. Though I do have to consider how long I have been acquiring followers, and what a carousel the blog world is, people hopping on and off at the speed of light. I’m happy for my engaging followers, and the rest I suppose will long since be remembered in a special place in my heart.

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  2. That seems to be the case with social media as well. Followers does not dictate how many people your post will actually reach or have been viewed. I try to interact with all the blogs I follow, but sometimes it’s hard. Especially since I have 4 kids that keep me busy. 😜

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  3. I hope you consider me one of the ones you connect with. After all, you and my Hubby, and Laura and I, have the same initials. That has to account for something! 😉


  4. So true! In my case, I have followers who never gave me a like or comment… I always wonder why did they decide to follow me? 😀
    But think if we have to answer a daily comment from each follower. That would be a problem too 🙂


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