Beginning To Wonder About Me On Twitter

I think I might be on one of those lists and services where you can buy Twitter followers. Not quite happy with the thought of that being a possibility. Some people want to inflate their followers artificially so they can make money or something like that. If someone wants to follow me on Twitter or here on the blog they are pretty much welcome to but know I am not a famous person and at times I find myself rather dull. Interesting.

3 thoughts on “Beginning To Wonder About Me On Twitter

    • pyriterenny says:

      Sorry, my computer is giving me issues. What I meant to say is that I can understand. There are a lot of people want to get followers and make money. I canceled my account because I just needed sometime to myself to figure out what I needed to do. I plan to rejoin, but it’s going to different. Just do what you want. Good luck.


  1. Bonsai says:

    I actually quit Twitter. All social media spaces have this problem with people liking to get liked, following to get followed and I cannot deny falling into that trap more than I’d like, but Twitter seems to take that to a level I just can’t justify in any way. Even WP I’ve backed away from liking/following casually. Of course having written a book I believe is rare and important I “should” put myself out there as much as I am able, but I’ve never felt good about any sort of fake-ness. Twitter seems to breed it.

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