When Doing A Movie Sequel


Hollywood movie sequels should have a familiar feel without being too complicated or over the top. There are too many movies that were too gimmick laden and kind of cheesy (although I don’t mind cheese). There are too many movies that try too hard to be so different that you can’t see what the original was even about. Special effects can get in the way. Introducing too many new characters that don’t have a tie into the previous installments can only make things confusing. Storytelling should be the first and foremost concern and everything else is secondary.

10 thoughts on “When Doing A Movie Sequel

  1. EttaD says:

    This is the summer of sequels. For me, producing multiple sequels shows a lack of creativity, Hollywood instead of building a new foundation in movies they go back over and over to the same franchise. A movie that was a blockbuster 10, 5 years ago doesn’t mean it’s going to be a hit now because the demographics change year to year. Fan grow, kids demand more etc.

    Now there’s a huge difference if the movie is based on a serious like the Marvel movies which I don’t regard as sequels because though they may have the same characters it’s a different chapter in that story. I’m also not partial to remakes as I believe the original is often never as good as the original.

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      • EttaD says:

        But there are only so many sequels you can get from a franchise without losing appeal. Some movies end with an opening for a sequel, but if you’re doing a sequel only to make more money fans can see through. I think it can also damage an actors career being locked into a role for years.
        Like I said demographics changes over the years and the teens that may go for the first instalment of a movie, may well be mature adults by the time part 2,3 or 4 roll around and have lost their taste for that particular movie.

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        • J-Dub says:

          I brought the question to the family last night … can thy think of any good sequels or sequels maybe better than the original. They gave me Indiana Jones (I never watched one to know), Harry Potter (same. I’ve no idea) and beloved Star Wars (I have seen a few and to me they are all exactly alike :))


    • EttaD says:

      I see I made a mistake in my original comment, it should be “series” and not “serious” not sure where my brain was. But I did make an exception when said I don’t regard certain movies as sequels because they are a part of a series. Like the ones, you mentioned above. All Harry Potter Movies were based on individual books. The same goes for Indiana Jones, Star Wars, etc.
      I did say some movies do leave an opening at the end of it to warrant a sequel.

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