The 95th Academy Awards #Oscars

Hollywood gathers to celebrate the year’s best in motion pictures. The Oscars is a cultural event much like the Super Bowl except everyone is dressed to thrill. Let’s see who makes history and takes home the golden guy.

Farewell Kenny Rogers, Thanks For The Hits Through The Years

Kenny Rogers is one of the greats of American music. His distinctive voice was welcomed in the country and pop music worlds. Kenny was friends with a who’s who of the music greats of his era such as Dolly Parton, The Bee Gees, Lionel Richie and more. I really like “The Gambler” because it told a great story of gambling and life. Rest in power Kenny, thanks for all the hits through the years.

Six Shows, Old And New

This is a fun thing happening on Twitter, name six television shows (I guess you could do movies too) new and old. Usually its 3 new and 3 old. I challenge you all to do the same.

Here are my six shows old & new

  1. Dragnet – old
  2. Battlestar Galactica – old
  3. Saved By The Bell – old
  4. Murdoch Mysteries – new
  5. Survivor – new
  6. Call The Midwife – new

Fighting With My Family – A Wrestling Tale


Fighting With My Family is a terrific story about a family who just happens to be in professional wrestling in the UK. It’s also the story of a young lady named Saraya-Jade Bevis who goes by Paige in the WWE who is the youngest ever women’s champ. This movie features former WWE champ and current box office king Dewayne “The Rock” Johnson who is a producer of the film. Vince Vaughn plays a talent coach who brings Paige to the development wing NXT and works her way to the main roster.

Hollywood’s Biggest Night, The Oscars


Tonight is the 90th Annual Academy Awards from the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, California. Jimmy Kimmel will host tonights telecast for the second year in a row. There are some great films (none of which I have seen) nominated and some very talented people up for these prestigious awards. I am hoping for Lady Bird to win Best Picture. Regardless there will be nice looking people wearing great clothes so there’s that.

What do you think will happen?

A Ramble About Critics

Critics are everywhere. We all have an opinion but some share it loudly and perpetually they hate everything. TV, Music, Stage, Movies, Art, Food all have people who think they know what is good and you know they don’t know everything. People who find faults in everything seem to have an agenda. Maybe critics should realize how hard people work on something and hope its well received by everyone. Perhaps they think they can do something better. Critics can influence but their views don’t always mean something is of quality or not. Ultimately the greatest critic can be how well something does commercially and if the public likes it or not. Money can change everyone’s mind.

The 2017 Television Season Is Upon Us

Today is the official beginning of the 2017 Television season in America. Returning shows are continuing their stories while new shows are making their first runs in hopes of being picked up for a full season and beyond.

I am excited for The Orville, Big Bang Theory, The Goldberg’s, Blackish, This Is Us, Bull, NCIS, Blue Bloods, The Voice and more. Call me old school but I like broadcast network shows the best because they have to be creative while being under scrutiny of censors.

Television is an important part of life everywhere and there is something about watching the same show at the same time as everyone else in a country. You can’t duplicate that with streaming service.

Happy viewing everyone!