Something About Being Bland

I am very tame compared to many bloggers I encounter. My story is one of playing it safe and being a good guy. Frankly I am more bland than anything. There is a saying that good guys finish last, well I haven’t finished last but I am a person who hasn’t always been the most popular person.

I don’t have a best friend who is a non-relative, nor do I have a squad that goes everywhere and does everything. Perhaps there is a time in life when you just settle down and live your life in a way that isn’t all about not being bored. Trust me being bored is a good thing sometimes. Staying still is OK. Being at ease and at peace in your life means that you have been there and done that or you aren’t interested in keeping up with the Joneses.

The key thing is that you need to be yourself and hope those who see you as genuine will gravitate to you. Some of them will be fabulous while some will be chill. As I said in an earlier post having a nerd/geek/dork in your life will make life better.

5 thoughts on “Something About Being Bland

  1. jilldennison says:

    Exactly!!! As I recently told my ‘significant other’ … “do not ask me to be somebody I am not, for I cannot be … will not be. Either you love me for who I am, or you do not love me.” We are all different … it’s what makes the world interesting.

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  2. kateyhal says:

    This is all very true. I have very few friends who aren’t family members. My opa said to me once that it is a good thing to be bored sometimes, so that we can appreciate life. If that makes sense 😂

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  3. alifeinstereo says:

    I like this. I feel I can relate. Sometimes it seems that I like approximately seven other people in the world. And sometimes I remind myself that I’ve got nothing to prove to anyone, and I feel happy and content.

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  4. xaranahara says:

    My social circle is about nerds, geeks, and dorks. I am glad you are happy. Being happy with yourself is what is important. I’m still working on it. I come from a world of social media and just making friends on MySpace, vampirefreaks, Facebook, and otherwise just because. I never realized how “social” I actually was until four years ago. Lol.

    But there is absolutely nothing wrong with being bland. I like bland people just fine.

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