What The Internet Says

Like you I believe everything the Internet says…well almost everything. There are three sides to any story as you may know. Two people can have two different views on something and then there is what the Internet says.

In this era of discrediting what the media says and “fake news” it’s really hard to figure out what and whom is right. Too many times good old-fashioned gossip means facts are distorted or even turned into lies. Classic rock group The Doobie Brothers sing a song “What A Fool Believes” and sometimes we are the fool and other times others play the role of a fool. What we accept as truth is sometimes a reflection on our life experiences and education

I believe that much of what you see online is opinion, like this post you are reading now. Sharing opinions is a freedom many enjoy but speaking truth does require more of a challenge. People will believe whatever makes them comfortable even though it might not be so right.

Of  course its a trusted source thing. Where do you get your information from. Not every source comes from an agenda but a desire to offer perspective from a human place. So we have to determine what our values are and what to believe. There is value in what the Internet says. I would say in more ways it’s on point but there are other times it gets things wrong.

3 thoughts on “What The Internet Says

  1. Now a days the world facing lot of side effect of fake news.
    No… it’s not true internet says everything right. it says different point of view of different people.
    the reader decide himself what right or wrong.


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