Throwback Thursday #TBT – Apollo 11 Moon Landing – July 20, 1969

This happened a few weeks before I was born. 

When man landed on the moon it was a great moment in history. We the American people were challenged by President John F. Kennedy to soar to new heights and to do something awesome. It required the work of brilliant and talented people to make it happen. We haven’t done anything like it since. Maybe we need to dream again.

4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday #TBT – Apollo 11 Moon Landing – July 20, 1969

  1. We had a speaker from Johnson space center speak at a luncheon last week. He was so passionate about some of the projects going on right now. The Apollo 11 and 17 are coming to Houston for an exhibit, and I’m so excited to go.
    I also want to see Valkry, the AI robot who will be going on the manned interplanetary missions. She’s 6’2″, can climb ladders, has fully functional hands, and can recognize people by their skeletal structures!
    They are restoring Mission control to its 1969 glory, for the Apollo exhibit. It’s going to be fabulous.

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