Throwback Thursday – Chattanooga’s Riverbend Festival #TBT

This is Chattanooga’s Riverbend Festival from 5 years ago. This year’s festival was very different and did not feature the giant stage you see in this post. Also it has been shortened to 3 days too.

Throwback Thursday – Cell Phone Edition #TBT #tmobile

This was my first Android phone, the T-Mobile myTouch. I really liked this phone because it had a physical keyboard that slid out from the side. It’s amazing how far these things have come. Check out the app buttons and how they have changed too.

Throwback Thursday – Being In Church #TBT #Episcopal #Anglican #ThrowbackThursday

Me In Procession of Morning Eucharist at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Chattanooga, TN

In many places of worship services have been conducted online in various presentations. My church hasn’t met since March and we are using local health department stats to determine when we will return to in-person worship. I have to say I miss being in my church home with my church peeps.

However at this time nothing is more important than safety for our congregation where you have a mixed demographic of people, health concerns and ages.

Doing church sometimes means being away from a building and that’s OK. I miss serving in worship but loving thy neighbor means doing the hard job of caring for them not only spiritually but physically too.

May God bless all people, everywhere who are just trying to get by these days.

Throwback Thursday: The EPB Christmas Windows In Chattanooga #TBT

Each year my cities power and fiber optics service create holiday window displays featuring a festive theme. This part of the display is appropriate these days because utility workers are driving around in areal bucket trucks like the one seen here to get the power back on for those who were impacted by the tornadoes of Easter Sunday. Utility workers risk their lives to be sure we can have electricity and fiber optics which powers so much of our own lives.

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