Tired Of Arguing Online

In the tit-for-tat world that is social media these days arguing can be exhausting. There is an old Internet saying “don’t read the comments” and its true. On Facebook you can see where there is so much pain and suffering in the feedback of people who are wanting to speak louder to get their point of view across. Back in the good old days there were debate classes that taught the fine craft of point and counterpoint. In debate you had to do your research to make your case. There was a point to debate and it was an orderly, civilized discussion of a subject.

Fighting the good fight is a noble thing but when you think about it that can just wear you out. Politics has made things so bad that it has ended friendships and caused division. I get tired of the arguing but you have to do something or say something when you see injustice going on. But man things can get tiresome online.

16 thoughts on “Tired Of Arguing Online”

  1. Preach Brother!! Facebook is a hotbed biased opinions based on stereotypes not real people. I had to withdraw from most of the poetry and writing groups. The final straw was when I submitted a poem about my African ancestors and some nutty woman said I should be grateful that some of my ancestors were enslaved otherwise I’d have Ebola!! I must admit it hurt to see this but I did not engage with her because that would have been a fruitless argument where I would be more upset. I immediately left said FB Poetry group never to return.

    I wonder if people who batter us with their extremist viewpoints on FB, Twitter and sometimes WordPress think that they are invisible? Would they say such cruel inconsiderate words to my/your face? And what do they get out of it? Strange yet sad.

    The fine art of debate has been lost and replaced by verbal battering rams. Sigh………..

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  2. Yes, these days it is wearing and exhausting. But yet, as you say, we must speak out against the many injustices we see on a daily basis. But it wears one down and makes one … grumpy.


  3. Some good points raised Tony ….I find WP in the main civilised for want of a better word…What I find most upsetting is when people on Fb resort to name calling and just plain nastiness and I will withdraw or not comment…The worst and most upsetting for me is Our British Royal family FB page it gets really nasty and I wish in this case Lese Majeste Law like it does here would apply. Wow,,I got that off my chest…Thank you for this post..You have a great Sunday 🙂


  4. Oh man tell me about it. Most of the times I just don’t want to comment on anything but sometimes I get into this trap. Sometimes we just have to speak up against unfairness. It can be draining though. Yesterday I got mentally tired from arguing with a blogger about an issue that she brought up. She was completely closed to any opinions different than hers. It will be a while before I disagree with somebody but I know that eventually it will happen again.

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