Everyone Gets It Wrong Sometimes

One part of this blog is its dedication to current events. That is because I am big on posting about things that are happening now. However there comes a time when I get stuff wrong. I rely upon sources from the media that have a long history of journalism and getting things right. Today I posted about the death of rock star Tom Petty. It was later that his death was not verified so as of this post he is still alive.

Everyone gets things wrong sometimes but you want to be as right as you can. Keeping on top of things means verifying your sources multiple times. The web does have some great websites to verify reality from urban legend to misinformation. When I get something wrong I will own up to it and say I am sorry. Ones reputation online means being accurate as much as you can.

4 thoughts on “Everyone Gets It Wrong Sometimes

  1. I kept hearing different reports too… one minute they reported he was dead then that he is on life support…so I guess that he is still alive but I am not sure…
    Hey we are human…

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  2. Hey Tony….so you made a small error, welcome to being human. 😃😄 No worries Tony we all get bad information sometimes. take heart you are trying to keep it true, so many are just pouring out fake stuff and are proud of it. Be well, Hugs

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  3. His manager confirmed Petty’s death within the last hour or so. His manager, speaking on behalf of Tom’s family, said that Petty died at 8:40 pm Pacific time (11:40 pm Eastern time), about an hour and a half ago as of this post. (The news didn’t surprise me, as when the LAPD had to clarify the earlier news, some outlets were reporting that he wasn’t expected to survive the night.)


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