Broadband For All, Not Just Internet

We live in a technologically broadband world where we want things to be delivered to our screens and front door as fast as possible. Going back to anything slower would not be acceptable. Technology has changed our world.

If we are using broadband and change in technology as a metaphor it makes me wonder why politically and culturally so many people want to go back to the dark ages. No one I know is pining for the good old days of dial-up Internet where it took forever to get online and we had to wait so long for things to appear on our screens.

Lately there has been the call of going back to a time where some feel like the world was at its best makes me wonder. Can you imagine people not having access to a broadband world let alone a world of opportunities they were not able to enjoy. Doesn’t it make sense to move forward and to give everyone the broadest opportunities in life where information as well as free and open existence is something they can count on.

Those who seek to narrow the bandwidth of life sound selfish to me. To throttle the speed of change isn’t a very just thing to do. A fast pipe is not too much to ask for people who seem to be told that 56K dial-up is all they should ever hope to get. Let’s just hope some people aren’t going to be taken back to the time before technology revolutionized everything. I hope that no one would have to be relegated to places where they aren’t even let in a library or a school or even places where people are making decisions that impact their lives.

Take Care In The Sharing

In the era of dubious information please check links to stories you see on Facebook or any other social platform. Some of what you see is clickbait and meant to look official by making you think the story is legit. Be careful in the information you are sharing because it could end up hurting someone in spreading information that is not true in the end.

Everyone Gets It Wrong Sometimes

One part of this blog is its dedication to current events. That is because I am big on posting about things that are happening now. However there comes a time when I get stuff wrong. I rely upon sources from the media that have a long history of journalism and getting things right. Today I posted about the death of rock star Tom Petty. It was later that his death was not verified so as of this post he is still alive.

Everyone gets things wrong sometimes but you want to be as right as you can. Keeping on top of things means verifying your sources multiple times. The web does have some great websites to verify reality from urban legend to misinformation. When I get something wrong I will own up to it and say I am sorry. Ones reputation online means being accurate as much as you can.

What The Internet Says

Like you I believe everything the Internet says…well almost everything. There are three sides to any story as you may know. Two people can have two different views on something and then there is what the Internet says.

In this era of discrediting what the media says and “fake news” it’s really hard to figure out what and whom is right. Too many times good old-fashioned gossip means facts are distorted or even turned into lies. Classic rock group The Doobie Brothers sing a song “What A Fool Believes” and sometimes we are the fool and other times others play the role of a fool. What we accept as truth is sometimes a reflection on our life experiences and education

I believe that much of what you see online is opinion, like this post you are reading now. Sharing opinions is a freedom many enjoy but speaking truth does require more of a challenge. People will believe whatever makes them comfortable even though it might not be so right.

Of  course its a trusted source thing. Where do you get your information from. Not every source comes from an agenda but a desire to offer perspective from a human place. So we have to determine what our values are and what to believe. There is value in what the Internet says. I would say in more ways it’s on point but there are other times it gets things wrong.

Something About Making A Decision

Style vs. substance. Performance over polish. Chocolate or vanilla. Pepsi or Coke.

In life there are things we must consider when making a decision. You could use one of those Venn diagrams to help you make your decision or just use a gut instinct. Either way you must have the facts lined up in order to make up your mind and hope for the best. This is where the rubber meets the road of adulting.


No matter what you decide you have to figure out what is the best for your situation at the time. The diagram above indicates that you might be able to have the best of both worlds but often times that isn’t so easy. Whatever is in your head can conquer what your heart wants. Checks and balances also play into every decision.

Whatever you have to decide take time for discernment, discussion and consultation before making a choice. Yes we all want A & B but sometimes C is where we should go.

And Now The News Break

I have been a news junkie for years. Whenever news breaks I want to know what is happening minute by minute. Local and national coverage is what sometimes crave. I am partial to Scott Pelley of The CBS Evening News but I do like Lester Holt too. Our sources of information have grown and they are faster than ever. I am a believer in keeping up with issues that affect us all. Without information, making good decisions is harder and the news can help us make sense of the world and our communities. Unfortunately good news does not always mean great ratings.

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