Not Like Me

There is a college football game happening in my hometown at the time I am writing this and I am not there (duh because I am writing this post). A couple years ago I would be all over it, going down to support the home team. Today home is the place I wanna be most. In full disclosure I do have some depression issues going on so that has something to do with it. Perhaps its fatigue too because I expend myself during the week. This morning I did go out for breakfast and to Walmart with family and when I got home I took a nap. No doubt I have changed and perhaps what gives me joy has changed. At home I am blogging and watching coverage of Hurricane Nate instead of a football game on TV. Maybe I am not like me because I am not like me two years ago. It’s strange how we change and the things that give us pleasure change too. Strange indeed.

6 thoughts on “Not Like Me”

  1. Nothing wrong with it, Tony. I have grown up, even if it means boring to others. I think we are more in touch with ourselves and our purpose with less activities. It could be that you’re more comfortable with yourself now. I sometimes think the very busy ones are not at ease with themselves, alone, with not much to do. I also suffer from depression, although my therapist thinks I have Bipolar Disorder, the mild kind. I could have high-functioning depression. It doesnt bother me anymore. Only the lethargy bugs me sometimes.

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