Forgetting Your Phone At Home

Google-Pixel-XL-1-511x501I left my phone at home this morning heading out to breakfast. So I was without it for most of the morning. We survived as a civilization for thousands of years without them so it should not be a big deal. One thing this does is forces you to interact with others, to pay attention to what you are doing and frees you for things like real life conversation. There is a feeling of vulnerability without it because if an emergency were to take place it would be difficult to get help or to notify ones family/friends. Sometimes forgetting a phone is a good thing while other times you don’t know what to do with your hands.

5 thoughts on “Forgetting Your Phone At Home”

  1. That’s how I felt when I was between tablets! On the plus side, it did allow me to get quite a bit of knitting done and finish a project that had taken me nearly six months to finish. Sometimes you have to find that delicate balance between using your devices sensibly and being addicted to them.

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  2. Agree, it should not be a big deal. I tried to image, how about this era, every person does working without phone, and i think it’s not big deal, cz i prepare interaction with people directly than must use phone. And horrible thing is someone who is really adicted with phone, and spent her time 24 hours a day only for phone without seeing the real live aroud her, onyl for getting attention on sosmed

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