Me Too, Be Strong Sisters

I salute all the women who are speaking out about their experiences online. What they went through is nothing to laugh at or to mock. Unfortunately we live in a time when women have to still fight for better treatment and equality. It’s my hope that as time goes by that our mothers, sisters, cousins, wives and friends will not have to fear walking down the street or interviewing for a job or anything like that. Be strong those who are brave to say “Me Too”.

4 thoughts on “Me Too, Be Strong Sisters

  1. heidifowler83 says:

    Thank you. There is somehow a new peace being able to cone out and admit i was part of the “me too.” I felt lije i was walking aroubd blindly wondering why i was angry at my “former friend” yet feeling guilty like i had done sonething wrong and hurt him by making what he was doing to me stop. A year or so after it happened, you can read details in my blog if interested, i finally felt like i finally understood myself and why i was so angry… I feels great to admit he assaulted me and come to grips that i was used, not hurting him by making it stop.

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