People of “Loose Morals”

The words slut, whore, bitch, ho and other expressions of people of “loose morals” seems to be in my experience aimed toward women. Perhaps as a way to shame or demean them. Of course there are men who could be called the equivalent names for the things they do.

Ones behavior and responsibility is a personal thing and perhaps we should give some grace to these people. However there are some folks whose actions can cause great damage to others and they need to be called on it but not by calling them names. Don’t cast stones.

3 thoughts on “People of “Loose Morals”

  1. Sadly those who love to judge and cast stones at others seem to be the ones who have the most to hide in their own private lives. I really get tired of “family value” people being found to have far less than any kind of family values. Those who have sex with the same sex, have affairs outside of marriage, who go seek sex with underage persons, can not ever stand on a higher moral plane than those living honest lives of love. I have had a loving same sex relationship, now marraige of 28 years. Yet someone with many marriages to opposite sex is considered more moral, think Her majesty Kim Davis, who denied the right to marriage based on her god to same sex couples yet has three of them herself. She has a book out, and while having multiple marriages and kids with different fathers thinks she is chosen by god to bring his holy message against those horrid sinners the gays.

    Yes it would be nice of the bible thumpers would hold back their judgements at least until they know their own are sin free. Hugs

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