People of “Loose Morals”

The words slut, whore, bitch, ho and other expressions of people of “loose morals” seems to be in my experience aimed toward women. Perhaps as a way to shame or demean them. Of course there are men who could be called the equivalent names for the things they do.

Ones behavior and responsibility is a personal thing and perhaps we should give some grace to these people. However there are some folks whose actions can cause great damage to others and they need to be called on it but not by calling them names. Don’t cast stones.

Precision of Language

When you are speaking everything you say means something. We all use slang and jargon to express ourselves daily. Some slang you hear out and about and you think that is cool but in reality it isn’t, its hurtful or insulting. I learned this lesson today by using a word that I had no idea had a different sort of connotation by some friends who are people of color. Precision of language is important and choosing words carefully matters. I felt kind of stupid and insensitive. However I learned something and hopefully I won’t repeat the same mistakes again.

If I ever say anything offensive to you please let me know. There are a lot of people here from around the world and there will be a time when any one of us will use language that could be offensive to someone. It’s important to inform and to forgive. We need more grace in situations where we unintentionally offend a friend.

You may think this sounds like political correctness, it’s not, it’s just being a good neighbor who wants to get along and to exercise human kindness.

Being Inclusive In Ones Language

I think inclusive language is important these days. However that seems to be a moving target of what people want to be called. Pronouns are important but it seems like that rule changes frequently. Doing the right thing by people can be very hard. No one wants to be offended but eventually it will happen.

Perhaps grace and information can help people be more considerate, more kind to one another. If one is offended by what someone calls them in an attempt to reach out then perhaps some kindness and understanding that someone cares to try to meet where they are. What this is really is treating people as you would want to be treated or something like that. Names and titles are things that are important to people so I want them to be important to me.

Personally I don’t wanna get anything wrong. As a people pleaser I really want to do right by people because I think it’s the right thing to do.

Language Barrier

I am glad that WordPress has a translation feature. It’s not perfect but it helps bridge a language barrier between bloggers. There are lots of interesting blogs out there that it doesn’t work and it makes it difficult to follow if one can’t read the language presented. Language and communication are two important parts of blogging. Can we read what is on the screen and do we understand what the writer is saying. I appreciate every blogger who follows me and I hope you can understand what I am trying to say.

Language Barrier, Blogging Style

When a blogger from another country who writes in a different language decides to follow your blog it can be a tricky situation. There is an obvious language barrier there and you wonder why they might be following along. Maybe its to help them learn your language or for other reasons. Seeing their blog written in their primary language can be interesting.

Some things you can figure out if they are written in certain languages while other blogs are written in completely different characters like Cyrillic, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Hindi etc. They can be fascinating to look at even though you can’t read a thing.

Yes there are translation tools online but I am not certain they are 100% reliable. I welcome people from all walks of life but I just hope there is some understanding there. Building bridges of communication is always better than burning them if you ask me.