Functional (and Fun) Technology Today’s Seniors Should Be Using

Recent stats indicate that 70% of Americans age 50 and older now use smartphones, and 60% use social media sites (especially Facebook). What the stats don’t tell, however, is how well seniors are actually harnessing the power of the Internet and modern technology in order to make their lives better.

via Functional (and Fun) Technology Today’s Seniors Should Be Using

This is an interesting article about how tech can help people of all ages especially senior adults.

Status Update

My dad has been in the hospital since Sunday and I have spent a lot of time there helping him and my mom. He is in ICU with complications of sepsis. Waiting rooms can suck the life out of you I have realized. I have been off work the last couple of days taking care of them and it has not been two days off because my job has been different than what I do day-to-day. My hope is that he gets better and things calm down.

Surviving The Moment, Looking To The Next

Making it minute by minute just to survive one thing to another is the rule of the day. Whether it be your own situations or those you love and care about. Everyone is going through something today if they could just make it through tomorrow is a possibility. Struggle, suffering, life are all things we must endure at one time in our lives and we must see that play out in the lives of people who we love. The grownup thing is to face it but if you are like me hiding my head in sand to avoid the reality of the moment is what we want to do most. Courage is the call of the day. If we can just get through the night we can see tomorrow and hopefully realize the possibilities of that day.

Survive the moment so one can look to the next.

Quote Of The Day

This could be the longest night in recorded history. And as for sleep, you might as well just cross it off the list of possibilities. From the song Just Get Through This Night from the Kilroy Was Here album by Styx