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WordPress.com Post A Day 2018 Pledge

I'm part of Post A Day 2018

It is my pledge to participate in the WordPress Post a Day program this year. Through the Daily Prompt, Daily Photo Challenge or just a post that comes from my head I will be sharing with you my blogging family the stuff that comes from my head and elsewhere.

Daily Prompt: Funnel

A funnel is a handy thing to have when you want to put liquid or something else from one source into another. In sales its good to have some accounts and possible transactions in a funnel that you can close. Bad people funnel money from one place to another illegally. It’s interesting how the word funnel can be associated with a wide array of functions that are helpful to harmful.

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Daily Prompt: Reservation

A reservation is what you make for a restaurant that secures you have a table at that establishment for a specific time and date. A reservation can be something you aren’t so sure about which having that doubt and fear can sometimes save your life. Those are two different explanations for the word reservation but you know its good to have a reservation for food and for safeties sake in this crazy world we live in.

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Something Older For The Blog In The New Year

The New and Improved tonyburgess1969.net

Announcing my new and improved blog look for 2018. I have taken the four-year-old Twenty Fourteen and have tweaked the CSS to make it look very blue which is very me. I am a big fan of white font on dark backgrounds because I think its much easier to read and it gives it a certain style.

Twenty fourteen allows me to pull in my blogging community in a very effective way too because I am looking at making my blog the central social network for me in the coming year. Not only is my blog where I express myself its also a connection hub too for you the followers.

Check it out and let me know what you think.


The Christmas Season Continues


In the Christian tradition the Christmas season is a period beginning on Christmas Day (December 25). In some churches (e.g. the Anglican Communion) the season continues until the day before the Epiphany, which is celebrated either on January 6 or on the Sunday between January 2 and 8… From Wikipedia

So if you keep your tree and other decorations up until the first part of January you are OK. Enjoy the season, all 12 days of it.

Daily Prompt: Calling

I make my living on the telephone calling donors of the blood bank I work for to make appointments to come in and donate blood. Very niche if you think about it. I work in a small call center with 15 other people. We all make our living dialing people up and appealing to their charitable and altruistic nature to help save lives. Calling is a thing you do and a thing you accept.

The key to calling is the hope someone picks up or you can at least leave a message to ask them to call you back because calling is a two-way street. No matter who calls being polite and respectful is helpful because you never know what will be asked of you or opportunities you have to do amazing things. Trust me I have heard it all in the responses I get. The one thing I have to do is keep smiling and dialing because I like the roof over my head and I like to eat. So every day I am hanging on the telephone and hopefully someone will call me back.

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