Health Care In Peril In The USA #ACA #ObamaCare

The attempt to take away people’s health care in this time of pandemic is cruel and evil. Some of my friends rely upon it for their only source of medical coverage which keeps them alive and functioning. Without the ACA it is safe to say many people would have died. Is it perfect? No. But it’s better than nothing at all which is not an option in what should be the 21st century. This opinion is not up for debate or argument because of its truth in how it will impact people from blue states and yes red states.

This is in a way bullying and I hate bullies.

We Can’t Return To Normal

We cannot return to normal because what was normal has failed us. A health care system built on profit and balance sheet instead of the care of human beings. So many people are dying not just of Coronavirus in a place where many profess to cherish life. Health is a human right given to us from a creator who loves each one of us. Holding on the notion that you can be cured if you have the financial resources is morally wrong in every way. Instead of thinking about excuses as to why we can’t have a new way forward to care for the children of God come up solutions as to making it happen. My friends I don’t want to go back to what we had because its killing people. I value people and life and love above anything else and you should too.

Nurses Rock!


Over the past 16 days we have witnessed the professionalism and hard work of so many outstanding health care professionals at Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga. Nurses, CNA’s, Med Tech’s and other related caregivers have done a great job of taking care of my dad. They provide hands-on healing and care for so many people who are sick. I am grateful for them getting my dad back home. Nursing and related fields is hard work but it’s a calling and for those who do it they are worthy of their noble title and deserve to be rewarded in so many ways. Nurses do indeed rock!

Commentary On Care

We live in a selfish and broken world where some people are out for themselves. It is truly a shame to see a vital resource that is keeping some folks alive being dismantled due to politics and greed. We talk about morality but to me when someones death could have been avoided and help wasn’t there then is when we should question why didn’t they have help. Faith-based institutions cannot support everyone, charities are stretched to the limit and private industry doesn’t do as much as they could for their employees. My friends I know this is a complicated issue but aren’t we to love one another, to be our brother’s keeper to help keep hope alive? When will preserving life be more important than preserving wealth? If you were in a position to help, what would you do? Wouldn’t you want your neighbor to be healthy and full of life? If you don’t have your health, what do you have?

October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

tumblr_mu06y1zQQk1ss7eczo1_500During the month of October there is a focus on Breast Cancer and health. Both women and men can be impacted by this dreaded disease. Many people have been impacted in one way or another by this form of cancer.

More than likely you have a family member or a friend who has or has had Breast Cancer. For some the fight was a victory while others have been taken from us tragically. There are stories of everyday people who have been impacted by this disease that have been heroic. My mother-in-law is a survivor because she caught it early. Mary Ellen Locher, a former local TV news anchor here in Chattanooga unfortunately lost her battle but she has a treatment center at a local hospital named in her honor.

Self examination and annual mammograms are important in the fight against this disease. Research is ongoing into a cure for this and other cancers.

For more information on Breast Cancer Awareness visit or the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month website. Help spread the word about this important issue.