Sunday Reflection: Doing Good For Others

Some people need the care and comfort of others in times of need or distress. Whether it be sickness, incarceration, homelessness, and situations where people need assistance, we are all charged with acting. I believe that people have a connection that requires us to act on behalf of our higher power to give hope and grace.

In the season we are in, charity is needed more than ever but with COVID-19 added to the mix people need help even more. So much of what we are seeing is people losing their jobs, a change in the routines in life, and loss of life.

We must be about the work of making our world at this time the best it can be. It is not easy but when everyone comes together it can be something special.

My friends in this holiday season do not forget about others who need a hand. We have a responsibility to care for the least of these because when we do that we can make this mean world a better place.

Sunday Reflection: Keeping Things Going For Everyone

In days like we are all going through coming together in community is important. Also being sure we take care of business so that the world keeps turning. There can be a balance in where taking care of one another can mean providing for our loved ones and making sure we are making things happen.

Being responsible for what we have been given is being good stewards. Everyone has a role to play in keeping things going. Multiplying is always better than dividing unless dividing means sharing the load. Making one turn into two. Two into four and so on and so on. There is magic in that sort of thing.

Supporting one another is a good thing. Bringing people to the table is great. Creating moments that can sustain and maintain is awesome. Continue to do good things because we need more good, now more than ever.

Keeping things going is good for everyone and being creative in how you do it is a bonus. Don’t you agree?

Sunday Reflection: A Couple of Things

The 2020 Election

The past week has been a time of waiting. A lot of waiting. Patience has been tested and for many rewarded. In a world of instant gratification where everyone expects to know things at the click of a mouse it can be challenging to just be still and wait for things.

Election 2020 in America has been taxing on everyone. Since the Summer the people waited to have their say. Some minds were made up for a long time while others made a judgement call in the last minute. Over 140,000,000 people had their say and that is a very healthy number if you ask me. It means they cared enough to brave COVID and to make a statement.

Now there is a new day dawning in America. We have to see how it goes from here on out. Now the work begins to make things happen for all of us.

Some Rambling Thoughts

Being prepared for something means having to go into the darkness and to find the power to light up your life. Strange as it may seem you have to be persistent when people won’t give you a hand. It’s never easy to step out because you are afraid you will miss out on something special. Hopefully you have a crew that will have your back and will be sure you can get back in. Being prepared is still the best thing to do.

Sunday Reflection: A Saint Before Anything Else #sundayreflection

Before I am an American or anything else that describes who Tony is, I am a Saint. Not a New Orleans Saint but a human Saint who has hitched his life into trying to be a little like Jesus and trying to be kind in the process.

To me that is the pursuit that seems to be the most open to loving my neighbor as myself. It gives me power to love and care and to be the person I most want to be. Granted I am not perfect and you will see me stumble and fall and not represent Jesus very well at times but it’s something I try to do in how I relate to the world and others. Also I am very human and yes I am going to be who I am in the understanding that I am alright with my creator.

I am also a bit of a universalist in that I think there is a bigger tent for people in the family of God than many who are also on team Jesus would like to believe. A God who created the universe is certainly one who can do more than we would like to believe.

Now being a person of faith can be a challenge but its one that is worth doing. From that place of belief I can see the world not from a place of condemnation but a place of love, grace, peace, mercy and forgiveness. Granted mercy and forgiveness is really hard sometimes and for some it will take a lot to get over being wronged.

Being a Saint also means being a role model and showing the way for those who need an example in how to do this whole faith thing. Sainthood comes with responsibilities and it can have its perks too.

So this is who I am from my faith perspective and I hope whatever faith situation you have that you find comfort, clarity, peace and love in whatever makes you feel whole and in communion with your higher power.

Sunday Reflection: Treat With Kindness

I strive to treat people with kindness. Being kind can be difficult at times though. One should not expect kindness in return but is sure nice when it is.

Our world needs kindness. Not only being kind to others which I’m good at but kindness to ourselves which I’m not so good at.

Life is hard and kindness can solve things of the heart and spirit. Resolve to be kind for goodness sake.

Sunday Reflection: Saving Yourself, Saving Others #SundayReflection

Every person at some point needs saving from something that can mean bad news for them. How that rescue comes varies and is a very individual thing. We find ourselves in a storm that life sends our way, and we need shelter. It could mean you are in trouble and you need someone to bail you out.

For some their higher power is that source of help that can save them from calamity while other folks rely upon their community, friends, partners to help pull them out of certain destruction.

For me I have been gifted grace from my creator. Whereas others are gifted grace by other means. All of which are good. It’s that grace that provides comfort, security, love, and peace.

We all have situations that require a helping hand from somewhere to pull us out of dark places and spaces. It can be tough to ask for that help especially if you aren’t used to asking for it or there is a trust issue that prevents you from seeking that assistance.

My friends, I hope you will reach out and to be safe in your life’s circumstances. We are all in the boat of life together. Saving yourself sometimes means asking for someone to save you and vice versa.

Sunday Reflection: The In Between

People have rituals that help them get through this crazy thing we call life. How we prepare for the situations that seem to arise is different and diverse as we are.

For me its church, religious studies, blogging, making connections, consuming media, spending time with family and friends. It’s important to have a sense of what is going on so that I can be aware of the changes that seem to come fast. Every day is different, so you got to be ready for that too.

There is waking to the Sunrise to do our days activities whatever that might be. Then there is retiring to rest after a long day of doing things that require our attention. Then there is the stuff in-between. What happens then? It’s up to each of us to figure that out.

Everything is about living in those times where we are preparing for the great feast that is life. It means getting dressed for the things to come. In this situation clothes matter. Whether they be divine garments or more earthly wear. You need to prepare.

What do you do to get ready? How do you live in the in-between?

Sunday Reflection: Identity #SundayReflection

Identity is more than your name, it’s about who you belong to, organizations you are members of and what you believe in, your ethnic group and other attributes. All those things influence you and is a part of how you interact with others. Your identity is like a personal brand that can give you some belonging to a group of people or it can set you apart from the crowd.

For me being a part of a loving family, membership in God’s family, who I work for and the community I live in can give you a sense of what I am all about. Taking those things seriously has given me an identity that I can share with others.

The other side of identity is that you might find yourself focusing on those things that give you belonging, and you might lose a sense of you are as a human being. I don’t think your identity should be a tool that excludes but it can be a way of inviting others to have a vision of the possibilities for them.

Let your identity be who you are but know it can be expanded and new things can be added to your life’s resume. Be proud of who you are but also be humble because other people have their own unique identity too.