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The Best A Man Can Get, Gillette’s New Campaign

As a human being its refreshing to see a corporation such as Gillette have a social conscious and to influence people to do good things. Some folks need a wake-up call to be more empathetic and more sympathetic even if it makes them uncomfortable. This ad campaign is pretty spot on in addressing the need for new masculinity. Kudos Gillette, well done.

Change Is Hard But Necessary

Many groups that have been subjugated and relegated to the fringes of life have fought to change their circumstances and lives of despair. Change is slow but sometimes it needs a kick start and a push to make life more equal and to extend life, liberty and freedom which are universal concepts to all sooner rather than later. Race, gender, sexuality impact us all and it’s personal and spiritual too.

Everyone deserves to live their lives without fear or malice. As a white male I resolve to do my part to make this world a better place for everyone because it’s the right thing to do.