To Print The Internet

Not that anyone would want to but some folks print out everything still. I try to avoid that because it isn’t very eco friendly. Saving paper means saving trees and I hope the Internet is doing its part there.

Hello Bloggers Around The World

It is good to be in your company through the technology of the Internet via blogging. No matter where you are from I appreciate your opening my eyes and mind to what is happening where you are. May this be a way to connect and understand with the hope of fostering peace. Keep on blogging good people.

Farewell American Idol in 2016

I don’t watch Idol with the exception of when Chattanooga area native Lauren Alaina was in the final two. The show has made stars out of many people like Jennifer Hudson, Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson and has become an iconic TV show in our culture. Everything ends, everything has a shelf life.

A Tennessee River Cruise In Chattanooga

We spent some of our day on the Southern Belle Riverboat on a 90 minute cruise up and down a section of the Tennessee River in the downtown area of Chattanooga. It was a beautiful day to see some new things and sites we don’t see everyday. You can get a change of scenery in your hometown if you know where to go and where to look.

Two Things

I think there are two things I would say to a fellow blogger at any level.

1. Keep on blogging…if you stop you might not start back again. Fake it until you make it when necessary. But chill out if you need to.

2. Be the star of your own blog. Your blog is about the world from your point of view. Let that show to the world.

Friends be the blogger you can be even when life is tough.


Meryl Streep and Rick Springfield In A Movie, Yes Please!

I am looking very much forward to this movie. The greatest actor of our lifetime with an iconic rock star / soap actor. It’s rom com meets rock. There is much to like about this flick.

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