Binge Watching Blues

The thing about binge watching a series that lasted one season is that you want more. However there is no more. That makes you sad, mad and glad you went through it. At the end you have the binge watching blues.


Firefly, you were amazing. You had heart, action, adventure and fire! Now I need a good weep.

A Ramble About Blogging

A blog is like a book being written daily. Every blogger is the star of their story. Each blog is the chronicle of a unique character who is finding their way in the world. I love blogging, bloggers, blogs. This is literature being made in real time. You inspire me to keep on blogging.

Rambling About The Response and Comments

I don’t mind responding to comments in my blog. Really I am a fairly open person. However I am not going to debate in the comments. There’s no point in doing so. It ruins the blogging experience for everyone. My philosophy in commenting is to be positive, encouraging, enlightening and kind. Doing anything else is not who I am.

When someone states what they believe don’t go trying to shoot them down by trying to tear down their beliefs to make you look bigger. People like that just come across as a know it all.

You can inform other folks about a larger view just by affirming what they say and perhaps adding to it if you can contribute something positive to the conversation. We all come from different levels of knowledge and different places in life so perhaps helping people learn something new without making them look dumb is good, this is something I am working on too.

Thanks for letting me rant and ramble a little. Feedback welcome.