Thank Goodness, It’s The Weekend!

Thank goodness, I am so glad it’s the weekend. You have some idea of what I am talking about I am sure. Thursday and Friday were not my best days of production this week. Monday through Wednesday were fine but then I got to Thursday and it seemed to get tougher and seemed to last forever. I began to count down the hours, minutes and seconds.

Everyone has off days and I had two of them. Challenges are essential to keeping you going and motivated but they can also mess with your heart and head.


Just chilling and doing other things I hope will refresh me for next week. My work is getting tougher and won’t get better until September. Everyone has a season where you have to just grind it out until things are a little easier again.

Work is called work for a reason I suppose.


Happy Earth Day 2017 #earthday


Today is Earth Day a time to be mindful of taking care of this planet where we all call home. Hopefully we will be inspired to be diligent in taking care of our environment and the places that sustain life for all. You can do a lot to help just by simply recycling, reusing and restoring. Our world is in peril because of global warming so reducing our carbon footprint is a must. If we all do our part in taking care of Mother Earth it would make a big difference in keeping our world safe for generations to come.