Social Distancing Saturday

The title of this blog is pretty much what you think its about. Most everyone is keeping a healthy distance so we can flatten the curve. Doing our part is a must these days. With over 105,000 cases of the virus reported its something everyone should take seriously.

My heart goes out to the sick and suffering. Grace and peace to those who are lost and to those who survive.

That doesn’t mean we cannot connect with one another through other means. I cannot imagine what this would be like without the Internet. Many of us would go crazy mad. Now is a good time to catch up on things you enjoy doing but haven’t had time for.

Spending more time at home has been a change of pace for many but in the end it will be good to not be so scheduled and busy. Technology is helping many pass the time. Hopefully this means we can take care of self a little more. Dare we say boredom is a good thing?

My friends hang in there. Have faith. Be strong. Don’t let social distancing mean you are socially distant.