Coming Out Liberal

I suppose now is as good a time to say this. I am a liberal. Yep I am in favor of universal health care, gay marriage (or as we call it today, marriage), public education, women in the clergy and the fact that other religions too have a path to the afterlife, I kind of like Jesus Christ and Karl Marx and the list goes on and on. I also can love my conservative friends who aren’t fans of these things. My heart is open to many things but intolerance and hate aren’t among them.

A Bloggers Frustration: Quick Feedback

It is frustrating when you visit a blog where you can’t like the post or leave feedback easily. Blogging on a network like WordPress or Tumblr gives you a sense of connection and community that is hard to do with some platforms and self hosted blogs. I think you can install the WordPress jetpack to connect it with or another service like Disqus where you can plug in a commenting app to your blog.

Perhaps this is a silly first world problem but you know I am kind of digitally lazy like that. However giving the reader the opportunity for instant feedback can give your blog a better feel of interactiveness.

Comments and likes are feedback which is the life blood of many blogs and their writers. They need it to help guide their posts and writings. So a quick feedback is better than nothing at all. So I think.

The Digital Home Of T-Bird, Among Other Things

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