Older People

Older people enjoy the company of younger folks. Yes there are exceptions to that rule but I think being in the company of wise folks can benefit everyone. There are amazing stories from people who are seasoned citizens, people who have lived through a lot of different things. You can learn a lot from someone who’s been around the block a time or two. As a younger person there is life changing wisdom that can be gained. Be open to cross-generational opportunities for friendship.

A Brief Ramble on Feminism

I think feminism empowers women to be whoever they want and to achieve their dreams in the same way that men do. A good man will want the women in his life to be the best they can be in life. I also think there needs to be respect from both sexes/genders to create a environment for everyone to succeed. It’s been said that feminism doesn’t mean excluding men but perhaps empowering them to be inclusive and sensitive to our sisters, mothers, aunts and other women in life.

Happy Weekend Everyone!

After a crazy week my weekend has begun.

This past week at work we launched a new software platform which was challenging. The transition is going well so that has reduced the overall stress.

Yesterday we kicked it off a date night of dinner and a movie. I can’t believe how good Tomorrowland was and it will be a movie I hope to see in the theater again.

Our Saturday began with peanut butter pancakes, bacon, melted cheese and coffee. Cooking breakfast on Saturday’s is my favorite. After the past week there is going to be some chilling out and doing some stuff around the house. I enjoy a lazy Saturday. There is something renewing and fun about it. Any chance one can have to clear the noggin is a good thing.

Whatever you are doing this weekend I hope its fun! Grace, peace and love my friends.

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