Paper brings you good news
It brings you pain
You can cut your skin with it
It tells you what you must pay

Paper can transform into different things
It can change your life
You can put your memories on it
It comes in many colors
You can exchange it for cool things

Paper is about your life
You can share your love with it
It can tell how much you hate
It’s what you work on

Paper, you can write on it
You can wrong with it
It will inform you
It will mislead you

Paper is our life


Sometimes you just gotta wonder
Sometimes you shake your head
Sometimes life can hand you a raw deal
Sometimes you are blessed beyond measure
Sometimes people make mistakes
Sometimes they get away with doing horrible things.
Sometimes life doesn’t make sense
Sometimes you need to run away screaming
Sometimes we need a break
Sometimes it’s time to pack it in
Sometimes you want a fresh start

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