The “F” Word…Lost Shock Value Of Profanity

In conversation with my wife this morning I used the “F…” word to describe how I felt about something we were talking about. No I didn’t use it in relation to her…that wouldn’t be cool but it made me think I don’t use a lot of profanity. Perhaps we have let profane words like the “F…” word become so common place it has lost its power to shock and surprise. Using such words should indicate disgust, displeasure, frustration…not being used as nouns or adjectives. Some bloggers and writers will use curse words like they were putting ketchup on fries or salt on popcorn. If we were more selective about how we use such words perhaps it would mean more.

Our vocabulary is full of words that can express emotions and feelings better than profanity but sometimes there is no substitute. Perhaps you have read things where the words used to blast someone or some thing were impressive and far more effective.

So, when you least expect it I will use the word itself instead of the censored version I have used in this post and that is when you know I need to get my point across.

What do you think?

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hello everyone its Wednesday! Our week is at the mid-way point. Two days to go til its Friday!

Sleep was elusive so I am running on what little I got plus some caffeine at breakfast this morning so that should help. Man I could go back to bed I am not going to lie.

Today is about work and bringing blood donors into Blood Assurance to help save lives. I am privileged to get to do this daily because of the lives that are being saved through every donation. Work like this makes you feel good.

Tonight is the Melissa Etheridge concert at our Riverbend Festival. From what I have heard its going to be a great show. I can’t wait.

Whatever you are doing today, make it awesome. Lets make the day great!

Be good, do good today!

Two Months on

I have been blogging actively for two months here on My time here has been a really good one I must say. People here are creative, responsive and geeky about something like me. I really think the platform has helped me improve my blogging which is a good thing. So, I look forward for the next two months and beyond. Thank you to all who are following me for making my experience awesome.

Grace and peace to you all!