Tonight we visited with some friends from our former church for dinner and fellowship. We hadn’t seen many of these folks since June and it was good to catch-up. It’s important to visit with one another in person and not virtually.

Being with these people was good for my heart and soul. There is something about breaking bread and sharing stories with one another. Dinner tonight was potluck and that too is a metaphor for people who come together bringing their own dishes to share. Reunions are a special thing and when you have it with people who were once a regular part of your life and who you were with weekly it can be a special event. Friendships are supposed to be long-lasting even when the thing that brought you together is no longer.

Special thanks to Mike and Sandee for hosting tonight.

On Point

It’s interesting how much online the expression “on point” is used to describe how good something is. People work hard to be their best and to look their best and the term is used in a good manner. Having someone say you are on point is indeed a compliment, one hopes. So my friends may we all strive to be so excellent that we are on point about something good.

My Opinions, Exclusively On My Blog

From now on all my political and social commentary will be found here on my homepage. I cannot post anything on Facebook that involves anything you wouldn’t discuss in mixed company, or something like that. Having opposing opinions is what makes the online community great. However the volume and sometimes venom of conversations can get to be too much. So you my blogging community will get to read what I think about politics, religion and other social issues exclusively. Your feedback is always welcome, constructive criticism appreciated.

Introducing: Our New, High-Speed Editor


We’re excited to unveil a faster, more streamlined way to create, share, and manage your content.

Source: Introducing: Our New, High-Speed Editor

This is a great new way to post and it works like a dream. Good stuff WordPress!

The Comments, Read At Your Own Peril

I try to leave positive comments on blogs and even on Facebook when possible. These days comments can be a landmine that can hurt your heart and mind. We live in a time when everyone has a pulpit and something to say. Feedback is great but it can also be surprising. It hurts even more when a friend speaks from a place of fear and ignorance. Being online isn’t for sissies anymore that is for sure. Kindness I hope still means something but sometimes you aren’t sure if its the thing to do anymore. Read the comments at your own peril, if you dare.