Servant Leader

I think to be a great leader you must serve. I consider myself a servant first and a leader second. You have to set an example of service in order to inspire the work of others. You can’t just tell people what to do you have to show them how to do it. While you serve you can also train others to do good works. A good leader will work hard for their people to create opportunities for those they are in charge of.

Today Is Earth Day 2015


Today is set aside as Earth Day. A time to renew our focus on taking care of our planet, the environment and one another. As a global community its our responsibility to be good stewards of the resources this land provides. If everyone does a little it can mean a lot in preserving life here on Mother Earth.

Blood Donation – Give The Gift Of Life


I work for a blood bank in its telephone recruiting department. That means I call folks to set up blood donation appointments. In the year I have worked at our regional blood bank, Blood Assurance I have learned that giving blood is important. There are patients in hospitals who need it every day to save and sustain life.


The opportunity donate is a great way to help your family, friends and neighbors by having a safe and adequate blood supply available to those who need it. If you have an opportunity give the gift of life whenever you can. People who need it will thank you for it.

Make A Bloggers Day

Be the first or among the first to follow a new blogger. It will make their day knowing they are building an audience. Remember the days when you first started blogging and how when someone you had never met before liked a post or followed your blog. Making connections through blogging can be a great way to expand ones horizons.

It’s good to encourage people to keep on blogging and to make this process fun.