It’s The Monday After The Time Change

The Monday after the time changes to Daylight Savings Time is always the roughest. Your body is not used to the fact you are up an hour earlier than you should be. Many people will be going into work bleary eyed and wishing they could go home for a nap. Getting your body in sync with the time takes a couple of days. In the mean time Coffee is going to be our friend today. So much coffee today that is replacing sleep.

Have a great day everyone. Stay alert no matter where you are.

Writing When Sleep Is Elusive

I have discovered that when you have to empty your head of it’s thoughts that writing them out is helpful. Last night I had to get something out of my head and off my heart that I couldn’t sleep so I went to my computer and just wrote. After I got my thoughts on screen and pixels it made getting to sleep much easier. They say write your dreams and ideas out when they come to you and I would have to agree with this. A late night writing session is very therapeutic.

Napping The Weekend Away

I must need the rest or something because I took some pretty long naps yesterday and today. Resting on the weekends is a great thing because it does help you for the week ahead but there is so much you wanna do other than sleep but your body says differently. The stress of the week before can really impact your weekend activities. Waking up from a nap is hard because you are comfy and cozy. Resetting for the week ahead can be a good thing to help one cope with the stress that lies ahead. One thing you should never do is apologize for taking care of yourself in this way

Something About Sleep

Sure, I enjoy a full nights rest like the next dork but some nights it just doesn’t happen. My bladder is as old as me and when you have to get up to go to the bathroom/loo it can interrupt your sleep cycle and in some cases you never get back to sleep. There is too much life happening and that can make your brain click on and that is never a good thing when you wanna get some good shut eye. Sleep is vital to ones health and well being so when you don’t get enough of it then there is room for concern there. One thing I don’t like is how lack of sleep effects me late in the day. Falling asleep at work isn’t always a good thing according to most bosses.

Life is something to do when you can’t get to sleep. Fran Lebowitz

I suppose I have too much living to do or something like that.

Note To Self

Don’t drink a cup of Earl Grey tea after drinking a Mountain Dew in the evening. That means you won’t sleep much. Not a smart move Burgess.

Waking up at oh my gosh it’s early is never fun. Tossing and turning can be exhausting. Laying there awake is kind of boring too. I’m going to pay for this today I bet.

Oh did I mention I had two Mountain Dew’s to drink on Friday.

(Note: Mountain Dew is a citrus flavoured soft drink with extra caffeine)