Caring For Creation

My church hosted a seminar on the environment and faith; the two should be closely linked. Being a good steward of the gifts of mother Earth is the right thing to do.

It requires using our hearts, minds, and spirit to do something for this creation of nature we have been given. It’s essential to do things such as recycling, conserving energy (yes I am not always good at that), and extending the life of the things I use to make life easier.

As a believer, I am glad to do these things because it’s a way of showing how much I want this planet to be there for future generations. Love your neighbor as yourself extends to being concerned for the environment. Caring for creation is a statement of faith.

Something About That Infant A Long Time Ago

The notion of a infant child coming to change the world is a crazy idea and the fact that child grew up to be a hippie and a community organizer is even more crazy. Our world doesn’t need bravado and arrogance, it needs humility, kindness, inclusion and peace. Jesus came into the world to show us how to live, love and laugh and party and be with those who society cast aside. Instead of greatness we need mercy and grace.

I Wonder About Peace

I wonder when there will be a time where we love our neighbor as ourselves and stop listening to those who give that commandment lip service. Too many believers are listening to politicians and pundits who espouse paranoia and hate. I think its time to turn weapons into plowshares, to end constant war to live in peace. We should should think of arms of love instead of arms of destruction.

I posted this a year ago on Facebook. It still holds truth today.

I Appreciate My Muslim Friends and Fellow Bloggers

I love my Muslim friends and fellow bloggers. They help me see the world in a different way. While in college I was friends with several who lived in my dorm. I think the phobia they face is unfair and unkind. Yes there are a few bad apples in the bunch like there are people of all faiths and walks of life. I appreciate their contributions to global culture and commitment to the service of mankind.

It’s time to wage peace with each other with the same fierceness as we do war. Love thy neighbors as we love ourselves.