More Writer Than Reader

My friends, I have been a prolific blog poster in my many years with various blogging platforms. I have been known to post 5 or more times a day. Being a prolific reader is another story. Blogging community I have been severely lapsed in reading your posts and that doesn’t seem fair considering you read and comment on mine.

I am hoping to change that and spend more time seeing what is happening in your world and in your head through your work. I ask for your forgiveness. I will work to do better. Thank you for your connections and communications. You all rock.

Your friend in blogging, Tony

Sunday Reflection – Rest

The need for rest is important. In scripture, rest is a must. We do much better as human beings when we have it. Unfortunately, some cannot have much rest because they have to be constantly working to make a living or just to fight for their rights. Everyone must be afforded rest no matter their situation. It can be exhausting having to be on the go every day.

The rest I am speaking of comes from being able to just breathe, restore one’s spirit and feel a sense of freedom. Sleep is rest but so is the ability to just slow down and just exist freely. When you are done with your day’s work the greatest thing is to go home, enjoy a meal and do other things.

Resting can mean finding a place to go where you can recharge and renew. Our souls are better when they are refreshed. May we all find that secret sauce that will help us find the rest we need so that our journey will be good. Also, may we help others find rest as they fight the good fight and not add to their struggle.

Rest my friends. Rest.

To The Dudes, Feel Your Feels #MentalHealth

My friends it’s very human to be emotional. I hope you will be free to show that emotion. To the dudes out there I encourage you to be vulnerable and allow yourself to visit with things that make you feel whatever you need to feel. It’s more than OK my dudes to feel emotion.

Too many of us push stuff down and that includes me. During this holiday season let your guard down and do what you need to do in order to have a balanced life that includes emotions and expressions of such. Love and peace to you all.

Mental health matters for everyone especially for men.

Thought Of The Day 12082022

There are times when I am down and don’t want others to be down, so I find it within me to be positive. It’s hard but worth it. However, I do know that an empty cup cannot fill other cups that are empty too.

Need Help, Ask For Help

If you feel you need help dealing with life and all the stuff that comes with it please ask for help. Too many people are in situations where they feel desperate and don’t know what to do. Whether it be professional help or a good friend reach out and take your mental health seriously. There are numerous resources you can take advantage of these days.

988 is a new phone number in America that recently went live to help people get help in a mental health crisis. Similar to 911, this line is dedicated to providing anyone in need of mental health assistance.

Photo by cottonbro studio on

Take care of yourselves, good people. Once again need help, ask for help.

Freaky Fast Lunch, My Butt

Here I go again being ornery and stuff.

I ordered lunch today at 11:25 or something like that for a delivery at 12 to 12:15. Well it didn’t show up until 12:55. If my lunch was 10 to 15 minutes late, no problem. But almost 40 minutes late is just not right. I do know everyone is doing their best but there’s a threshold between running behind and flat out late.

Thank goodness it was a cold sandwich so the quality didn’t suffer much. I’m not going to order from there for a while. I’m grateful for restaurant staff however you have to deliver in a timely fashion.

A part of my receipt.

Welcome To December 2022, The Year Has Flown By

My goodness where has the time gone? It’s now December and wasn’t it just January a minute ago or something like that. Let’s hope we have a good month and may we finish 2022 well. Grace and peace to you all.