Donation Day At Work

I work for Blood Assurance, a blood bank in Chattanooga, Tennessee and I made my every 56 day donation of whole blood.

My philosophy is that if I ask someone to donate I need to donate myself. Today’s draw took a speedy 5 minutes because I prepared by hydrating and having a good meal before. This saves 3 lives.

Winter Weather Creates Blood Shortages in the East | Time

Blood donation clinic

The American Red Cross is making an urgent call for blood and platelet donations of all blood types to help combat a blood shortage, after severe winter weather caused January blood bank donations to drop by the thousands. via Winter Weather Creates Blood Shortages in the East | Time

This is true for the blood bank I work for. We are facing shortages in O- and O+ blood types. In my department at work we are charged with getting donors to come into a facility or a mobile collection unit. With illness and resetting of personal routines after the holidays its tough to get people in. This is a time of year you have to do a little more to help save lives.

Chattanooga residents rush to give blood after bus crash –

Lines to donate blood are out the door at Blood Assurance in Chattanooga after a bus flipped over and slammed into a tree Monday afternoon.

Source: Chattanooga residents rush to give blood after bus crash –

A great story about the importance of blood donation and especially the blood bank I work for. Without our donors many patients lives would be in the balance.

Trying Something New At Work, Hello ALYX #badonor


I work for a blood bank and today I tried a double red cell collection procedure called ALYX. This procedure is a little more involved than a standard donation because of the technique of returning fluid back into the body while taking red cells out. You can do this procedure every four months. Some situations call for more red cells to be in the general blood supply and this is one way of helping. This process only took 26 minutes and saved lives in the process.

Give The Gift Of Life, Donate Blood!

I work for Blood Assurance a regional blood center that serves Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia and Alabama. We provided blood for patients injured during the shootings of July 16, 2015 here in Chattanooga. Emergencies are not the only time when blood is needed and the need for blood is constant. Every donation helps 3 lives and that is awesome.

Some folks can give while others can’t. We all have a part to play in making our world better. Giving your time and talents is a noble thing that benefits our greater global community. For me, donating blood is something I enjoy doing.

Blood Donation – Give The Gift Of Life


I work for a blood bank in its telephone recruiting department. That means I call folks to set up blood donation appointments. In the year I have worked at our regional blood bank, Blood Assurance I have learned that giving blood is important. There are patients in hospitals who need it every day to save and sustain life.


The opportunity donate is a great way to help your family, friends and neighbors by having a safe and adequate blood supply available to those who need it. If you have an opportunity give the gift of life whenever you can. People who need it will thank you for it.