First Pumpkin Spice Of The Fall

Well it’s a chilly Tuesday morning and it is a good day for a pumpkin spice latte from Chattanooga’s Sunnyside Cup Coffee. It’s tasty and warm like it should be. This weather is welcomed anytime. Have a swell day.

A Tuesday Morning Pick-Me-Up from Sunnyside Cup #Coffee #Chattanooga

The Almond Joy latte on ice from Sunnyside Cup. A great pick-me-up for a Tuesday. Let’s see how it goes.

Have a great day my friends and neighbors. Make it swell. Peace.

Sunnyside Cup Tuesday – Cinnamon Mocha #Chattanooga #Coffee

Today’s staff pick is the cinnamon mocha. It’s chocolatey with notes of warm cinnamon. A great combo for a cold morning. Support local coffee.

Tuesday’s Toasted Butter Praline Coffee from Sunnyside Cup in #Chattanooga

The Toasted Butter Praline from Sunnyside Cup. It’s warm and satisfying to get me going on a Tuesday.

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