Little Women, Strong As Hell

91+1FZn0QGL._SY445_I have seen lately two adaptations of Louisa May Alcott’s “Little Women” and have enjoyed the story very much. Granted I am not much of a reader so I am learning more from the TV and Movie presentations I have seen. What strikes me is this story is about strong women taking care of business and family during the Civil War era. It also is a reminder of how good Men have had it in terms of social advantage and status.

Women in my mind are strong and fierce. They know how to survive. The little women of this story are truly giants who want to make contributions to family and the world. They survive by relying upon one another and do whatever they can to make their family thrive under the circumstances of the time.

Women are strong as hell and these women in this story prove it. Sure they have their moments of vulnerability and tragedy but it can only make them stronger. One thing these women can do is love strongly, which is inspirational. I appreciate this story reminding the world that if given an opportunity women rarely miss their shot in life.

Star Line Books, A Great Indie Bookstore On The Southside of #Chattanooga @StarLineBooks

Star Line Books is one of 400 stores nationwide celebrating that independent bookstores are not just stores, they’re community centers and local anchors run by passionate readers.

Today we visited this great place where people congregate and browse books in a real way. Star Line is a terrific place where they have a good selection of a lot of different genres. One great service they offer is that they can order anything you might be looking for. I was impressed with the cooking section along with the local authors titles available for purchase. It’s important to support these shops because they add to the local economy and they provide a important social shopping outlet.


For more information visit to see what’s going on there.