Hurricane Dorian Warning, Be Careful Florida

To my friends in Florida now is the time to be careful as Hurricane Dorian is coming your way. It looks like it’s going to be dangerous. Please be safe and heed the warnings.

Hurricane Michael A Strong Category 4 Storm

To those in the path of Hurricane Michael take care and caution. It’s a dangerous storm and will be the strongest storm to hit the Florida panhandle but will impact the whole area. Be safe in the coming days.

Alexa For Southerners, A Bit Of Satire

Most folks in the southern United States have a distinct accent so devices like Amazon Echo might fully understand the dialect or the accent. This video is satire of a Alexa built for the Southern consumer. I found it very funny being from the south myself.

A Prayer For Protection And Care

Creator of the universe you are a loving God who is there for your people in times of trouble and tragedy. May your children be comforted, calmed and secure in the coming storms. This storm is not of your hand but of a planet whose ecosystem needs balance and care. Be with those who will help the people who are in peril and need make it through.

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayers.

Orlando Theme and Resort Parks Closing Due To Hurricane Matthew


It has to be pretty serious when Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World close their parks in Florida due to Hurricane Matthew which has devastated The Bahamas among other places. Thousands of people visit there annually and its a good thing that both parks are not taking any chances with the safety of their visitors and employees. I am hoping for the best down there for the full-time residents who call the region their home.

The Latest on Hurricane Matthew #HurricaneMatthew

I have friends in Florida and family in the Carolina’s. This is going to be a tough couple of days. We haven’t had a really bad Hurricane in the US for some time. Evacuations have begun in the region. For many this is old hat but for others this is a really scary event.

Hurricane Matthew’s U.S. Impacts: What We Know Right Now | The Weather Channel

Here is the latest on what we know about Matthew in terms of U.S. impacts right now. Source: Hurricane Matthew’s U.S. Impacts: What We Know Right Now | The Weather Channel

Keep the folks who are in the path of this hurricane in your thoughts and prayers. Donate if you can to relief efforts that might be needed. It’s going to be a tough few days ahead for many people who are going to be impacted. If any of you who are in the path please be safe.