Making The Call, Answering The Call

Today is going to be a busy day for me. The blood bank where I work has a significant shortage in available units in its inventory. As a person who calls donors to recruit them to donate I along with my teammates will be called upon to help stock the shelves so to speak. Going into the Labor Day weekend this call for donors is even more important. Making the call for help is going to be very important today. I am hoping for the best.

Whenever someone makes the call for help its good to answer. Right now our communities needs it in a very big way. You have in in you to do great things pick up the call.

Answering The Call

When was the last time you answered a call for help? In the past has your call for help been answered?  A call for help is an opportunity to be someones super hero when they are in distress. Everyone has that time in their lives when they need a helping hand or maybe an ear that will listen to your troubles. The help we give can be the one thing that saves a life. We all have times when we need assistance. For some a prayer is a cry for help while others will use a phone, computer or other method. Today will  you answer the call if it comes? If you need help will you call for help?