Back-To-School Time In Hamilton County


Today the local school system (Hamilton County, Tennessee in this case) returns to the classroom after the summer break. Other students in the area have been back for a week or more. For many kids this is really bad news but for parents it’s a welcome sight. Granted some of those parents are teachers so they have to get back to work. I hope all the students, teachers and staff have a great school year and do amazing things. Amazing things come from public schools I believe.

This is a great commercial for back-to-school from the Staples office supply stores. It’s set to the great holiday song “The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year” by Andy Williams.

Back To School Time

When I was a kid school started back after Labor Day in the USA because the weather was just a little cooler. These days some kids around the country start back before August. Classes are starting back earlier and earlier these days for various reasons. The challenges our teachers and students face are tougher and they have to be smarter. Our world has changed and the lessons they need to learn are important to their success.

Around the world kids start at different times. For some of my followers their kids are now enjoying Summer break.

Every student, every teacher, every parent has a lot riding on our schools and they need our support. New teachers are coming in as old teachers are retiring and the standards that need to be met are higher. Elementary, middle and high schools along with colleges need to be safe and secure places of learning too. As school starts back lets keep everyone involved in our thoughts and prayers. They need it now, more than ever.

This is a classic commercial from the office supply chain Staples. For parent’s this is a great time of year because the kids are returning to the classroom.