On Hiwassee College Campus For The Final Time

Hiwassee College in Madisonville, Tennessee is where I earned my Associates of Arts degree in 1992. It has been a place very special to me because it helped shape me into the person I am today. Without it you wouldn’t know me most likely. People from all walks of life and all around the world came there and were changed for the better. A few weeks ago it was announced as a shock to many its closing at the end of this term. The college has been serving and educating for over 170 years. Many people have gone on to make the world a much better place for having gone to college here. Me included.

Today I visited campus for probably the last time where I went to an Alumni Association meeting and a question and answer session from the president and board of trustees. It was like a funeral of sorts. A time to ask hard questions and to express grief and to seek some level of understanding and comfort.

I am grateful to Hiwassee and I will miss it very much. I am indeed grateful for all it gave me and for what it meant to so many others.

Homeless In College

Watching a report on CBS News today where there are an estimate 32,000 homeless college students around the country. There are students who also go hungry too and food banks are set up on campuses. College aid for some students just covers tuition, books and fees with little else for housing. Just think about how expensive college/university can be these days. This shouldn’t happen in America or anywhere.

Congratulations Class of 2016, The World Awaits! #classof2016

College and high school students are donning caps and gowns to walk and get their diplomas and degrees. A lot of hard work has gone into this time in their lives. The world awaits these young men and women who will do amazing things in their lives. Congratulations everyone who is making this transition in life. Grace, peace and wisdom as you go into the future smarter and wiser.

My graduation from Hiwassee College in 1992