I’m Back At Work After Vacation

I am back at work after being on vacation for a week in the greater Disney World area of central Florida. It was fun and full of hurricane adventures. Now is the time to resume regular activities. Have a great day good people.

Ya’ll Take The Beach. I’ll Take #Toronto Eh! Oh #Canada

While everyone is headed to the beach. I would so love to head north to Toronto and the greater Ontario area. Oh Canada! Now to figure out how to sneak across the border (said in jest because I full well know the border north is closed).

Post-Vacation Ramble

676e8-12328402_1578270295820412_475425029_nI am still on vacation but I am coming up for air so to speak. There are some things that need to be done which are being taken care of. Being back in “the real world” can be a challenge especially when there is news that impacts you. At the moment I am glad to be home although I do miss Orlando. Vacation does not last forever, it’s not meant to. A break is good every now and then however. It’s nice to be in another state both literally and figuratively. A nap or two before Monday will be nice and perhaps some fun around town will help finish this time off from work. I am looking forward to the next vacation although it will be down the road.

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