Ya’ll Take The Beach. I’ll Take #Toronto Eh! Oh #Canada

While everyone is headed to the beach. I would so love to head north to Toronto and the greater Ontario area. Oh Canada! Now to figure out how to sneak across the border (said in jest because I full well know the border north is closed).

Post-Vacation Ramble

676e8-12328402_1578270295820412_475425029_nI am still on vacation but I am coming up for air so to speak. There are some things that need to be done which are being taken care of. Being back in “the real world” can be a challenge especially when there is news that impacts you. At the moment I am glad to be home although I do miss Orlando. Vacation does not last forever, it’s not meant to. A break is good every now and then however. It’s nice to be in another state both literally and figuratively. A nap or two before Monday will be nice and perhaps some fun around town will help finish this time off from work. I am looking forward to the next vacation although it will be down the road.

Monday on Vacation Is Awesome

I am on vacation and this Monday is very different and that is good. The sun is shining over central Florida and the weather is going to be great. Getting away from the normal routine of things is very nice. We have some fun things to do around the Cabana Bay resort today. Breakfast is calling and my stomach is growling. Have a great day good people. 

A Ramble On My Vacation

It has been 14 years since our last trip to Universal. We were reaquainted with some family favorites, and introduced to some new things. Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley both blew me away with their attention to detail, which brought you into that experience in a profound way. It was sad to see attractions like Jaws and Back To The Future no longer there, but time moves on and new things come along.


One thing that struck me is how words become real and tactile at these parks. Movies are great at bringing you into a world; but when that world is built for “real” and you get to walk about in it, then it’s a story that you get to be a part of. You see people from all walks of life coming together in a common interest, which is heartwarming; together, we are there just to have an experience that will go with us into the future.


I was glad to be there with Laura, who did a great job in making this thing happen. We had a blast at Cabana Bay Resort, The City Walk, Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios. I flew for the first time in 25 years on Allegiant Airlines, who provided great service. This vacation came at the right time – it brought us closer together, and helped us reconnect with each other and with our shared interests.


Home From Vacation, Return To Reality

Yesterday evening we returned from vacation at Universal Studios in Orlando Florida. It was great to get away from the everyday to have new experiences and to have a lot of fun. Two days were spent at Islands of Adventure and then in the Universal Studios park seeing some new things and familiar attractions and a couple of days were spent just relaxing and having some recreation time.

Today and the weekend is going to be a time to rest and recover. I miss being there because its always sad to leave a place like Cabana Bay Resort but nothing lasts forever including vacations. Now we have our memories and we wait til our next time to go away to renew our bodies and spirits. Soon the reality of everyday life will resume but for a time we got to get away to help us restore and reconnect as a couple. Monday is coming. I am a little better ready.

A Ramble About Vacation

The thing about vacation is that it goes by way too fast. You look forward to it for weeks then it comes and goes very quickly. The memories of being away help you in times when you need something to get you by. You are changed by your experience and its something that you can hope to repeat again in a new way in the future.