Safe Space To Express On The Intertubes

Everyone needs a place to express themselves online. A place to post whatever your heart wants. The problem comes when you have family members who want to see what you post but you would rather them not. Whether it be your blog or Twitter having the freedom to express yourself without having to say you are sorry or to be criticized for it. You don’t have to explain your opinions because they are your opinions and they should be not up for debate.

Something About Being Respectful

I am passionate about what I believe and with that being said I really hope I am respectful to others who might share my view or passion. Some folks who happen to be conservatives on Facebook are moving to other social platforms as a protest to the current political climate and to find a more supportive community. This is troubling and I hope I do my best to be considerate and kind.

If I have ever been disrespectful in these weird times, we live in, know that I am sorry and ask forgiveness. My bleeding heart is too big .

We are living in weird times my friends.

My Opinions, Exclusively On My Blog

From now on all my political and social commentary will be found here on my homepage. I cannot post anything on Facebook that involves anything you wouldn’t discuss in mixed company, or something like that. Having opposing opinions is what makes the online community great. However the volume and sometimes venom of conversations can get to be too much. So you my blogging community will get to read what I think about politics, religion and other social issues exclusively. Your feedback is always welcome, constructive criticism appreciated.