A Middle Aged Man Complaining On The Internet

Yeah, I am a bit of a cliche…a forty-something man complaining on the Internet. Yet I don’t complain about what I don’t have or about my woes (although we all have them) I complain about what others don’t have and what is being taken from them. Our world is so diverse which the norm and not the exception in the 21st century. As an old white guy” I am not threatened by people getting things they need to make their lives better, I am happy for them its a win-win thing for all. Jealousy and fear are two things that are rearing their ugly heads all over today, two dangerous emotions when magnified in social circles. I am concerned that many are suffering because of it.

We live in a world that is ever-changing and there are many that feel left behind…well I would say its time you caught up. What are you doing to make yourselves smarter, kinder, loving? Perhaps you shouldn’t blame others but look at yourself in the mirror and see what is looking back. The world is speeding by and it’s not going to slow down. This goes for me too.

Rambling About Complaining

I complain about stuff, we all complain about stuff. Maybe we complain too much. Nothing in life will go our way all the time. We won’t get our way all the time either.  Maybe if we would make due with what we have and learn to adapt our situations could be better. It’s easier said than done in that situation. Sometimes complaining is an indication that we need to change our hearts and minds, do something different. Nothing stays the same so the more we embrace that fact the better our attitudes can be. How you learn to roll with the punches says something about you. So when you feel like complaining, is there something you can do to change the circumstances and situation you are in? Just a thought for the day.