So I Have Joined The Dark Side – Now Using Windows 10 #microsoft #windows10


I bought a new computer this past week and it came with Microsoft Windows 10 Professional. This is the first time I have used Windows at home on a regular basis in quite some time. Like anything, there is a learning curve that goes along with it. I am getting to know it and there are some things I like and others I don’t. For over 10 years I used one Linux distro or another and have enjoyed it. But it’s OK to try something different, something old and familiar with some new polish. isn’t it?

Almost everyone uses Microsoft’s or Apple’s operating system to power their machines so this is as much a social experiment as anything. This new system I have is the most powerful machine I have owned and yes I am going to stick to using Windows 10 so I can be more fluent in it. As a matter of fact, I am writing this post on the native Edge web browser.

Let’s see what happens. It’s going to be an adventure to be sure.

Nerd Corner Upgrade, A Dual Monitor Setup


One screen is good. Two screens are better. I added another monitor to my nerd corner to enjoy it twice as much. Each monitor will do different things and that sort of thing. I am really going to enjoy this setup.

Changed My Linux Distro Again, Welcome Back to #Xubuntu


Inspired by fellow blogger Robin I have switched my Linux distribution back to Xubuntu 18.04 from Ubuntu 19.04. This is due in part to Ubuntu not wanting to load properly. Xubuntu also uses fewer system resources and is very customizable without a lot of tweaking. I added a few apps for audio, photo management, photo editing, a calendar that syncs with Google and a few other things. I can always add more things as I need it too. Like Robin said its like coming home to a familiar neighborhood.

Digital Hoarding and Archives

If you are like me I have created thousands of documents, pictures, videos and the like over the years. So many of the files I have stored are 10 years or more old. Something in me can’t get rid of these items, call it being sentimental. There are those who would call it hording but this isn’t about them now. It’s good to hold on to things like tax records, receipts, pictures, personal emails and business items. After awhile purging these items can be helpful for organizational purposes. Old grocery lists, dated notes, old bills and the like can be deleted.

It would take me days to go through all my stuff so I have chosen to have everything created from a certain point be archives and put in folders so I can at least search for them.

Today I deleted some old WordPress blogs I don’t use anymore. I exported them to an archival blog for future use and then deleted what I had just exported. There are some blogger blogs I need to do this to as well. Sometimes its good to reduce your digital footprint so that you are more secure and better organized.

Services like Google Drive, Dropbox and the like can help you store your information in the cloud as you also store them on an external hard drive or flash drive (called a belt and suspenders way of storage).

No matter how you store your documents be sure you use good passwords and up-to-date browsers and apps to manage your files. You can never be too safe.

Chromebooks to run Android apps – Tech Insider

Chromebooks are about to take over the world.A few days ago, Google announced that Chromebooks will soon be able to run Android apps from the Google Play app store, finally making them fully capable computers and putting them in a position to put a real dent in Apple and Microsoft’s dominance in PCs.

Source: Chromebooks to run Android apps – Tech Insider

I am a Chromebook and Android user and I have found they work well for all my needs. This article’s news doesn’t surprise me because of the price point and the usability. Sometimes what isn’t popular might work best, you just have to use your imagination and be creative.

Chrome and Firefox, The Best Browsers for Blogging

If you are using Internet Explorer or its predecessor then you aren’t experiencing the blogosphere at its best. For years Microsoft dominated the desktop/laptop but not any more. Chrome and Firefox are the two browsers to use these days for just about anything. Some apps and websites are still dependent on them but that is changing as the tech landscape is changing. In terms of rendering, speed, security and compliance the products from Mozilla and Google are the best. So if you are blogging or reading blogs, Chrome and Firefox are the way to go. WordPress, Tumblr, Squarespace, work just fine using Chrome and Firefox.

This blog is primarly written and updated by Chromebook so using Chrome is what I recommend. Also this blog is best experienced with a broadband connection. I don’t know anyone using dial-up much anymore.

Keep on blogging whether it be on desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.