Daily Prompt: Control

Everyone likes to have control over a situation, mainly their lives. Giving up any control can be very disturbing to some. We all know a control freak out there who wants to manage every single aspect of their world including other people. The idea of having that much power is very concerning. Sure we like to keep the ball in our court and to have complete say so in life but its truly impossible. Forces out of our control determine daily our fate. Decisions are made in mysterious places that can determine what happens in our lives. Giving up some control can be freeing and will relieve massive amounts of stress but the reverse can be true too.

via Daily Prompt: Control


I had no control over how and when I was born.

I had no control over how and where I was raised.

I had no control over my skin tone or race.

I have control over the person I am and will be.

I have control over the things I do and say.

I have control over my attitude and latitude.

Yet there are some things you control.

Some things you don’t.

Some things you can’t.

Keep control until you don’t have it anymore.